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Will Taking Painkillers Make You Live Longer?

Painkillers Anti-Aging June UK Newspaper HeadlineI came across this headline “Painkiller Key to a Longer Life” in the Daily Express UK newspaper today 25 June 2014. Yup very catchy front page which is smart journalism. However, I had to read why taking a painkiller would be good as an anti-aging pill.

Turns out it references a study published in the Nature Communications titled “Chronic inflammation induces telomere dysfunction and accelerates ageing in mice“. It was by Prof Thomas von Zglinicki, a Professor of Cellular Gerontology at the Institute for Ageing and the study leader.

Should You Take Ibuprofen Everyday to Live Longer?

No, I personally don’t think so. I posted last time about how to take NSAID drugs like ibuprofen properly. The advice there was lowest effective dose for shortest period of time.

For a better review of the study I’d read the Telegraphs version of the story here.

6 Natural Alternatives to Ibuprofen

This article gave some good advice on how to lower levels of inflammation in your body with more natural drugs. These are:

  1. White Willow Bark
  2. Capsaicin
  3. Boswellia
  4. Cat’s claw
  5. Omega-3 fatty acids
  6. Curcumin
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