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Category Archives: Medication

Will Taking Painkillers Make You Live Longer?

I came across this headline “Painkiller Key to a Longer Life” in the Daily Express UK newspaper today 25 June 2014. Yup very catchy front page which is smart journalism. However, I had to read why taking a painkiller would be good as an anti-aging pill. Turns out it references a study published in the… Continue Reading

How To Take NSAID Painkillers Correctly

How To Take NSAID Painkillers Correctly

Patients see a chiropractor because they are in pain, be it back pain, a headache/migraine, neck pain etc… If needs, they have already either: seen their GP for a prescription painkiller, or, their local pharmacist for an over the counter painkiller. I came across an article on the medscape website titled “NSAIDs: Not as Safe… Continue Reading