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Chiropractic Treatment: What Does It Involve?

The main form of treatment used at the centre is Chiropractic care. Only a GCC registered chiropractor is qualified to provide this type of treatment in the UK.

Chiropractic treatment looks at three main pillars of your health: bones, muscles and nerves. These three systems need to be in sync in order for you to live life to your full potential and have pain-free movement.

Your Bones

The bony skeleton is your skeletal system. Bones are passive meaning they don’t move themselves they need the muscles to do this for them. However, good joint alignment is what you want to achieve. Have well aligned bones means the joints in your back, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and feet are able to take the weight of your body. They are also in a state called “joint centration” where optimal joint cartilage contact is achieved which is relaxing for the brain and puts less stress on delicate cartilage, tendons. ligaments and muscles around a joint.

Your Muscles

The muscle makes up your muscular system. Muscles are very important as they control movement of the bones and provide power to move your body. Carrying a muscle injury means there is risk of dysfunction in your posture and movement in everyday life events like sitting, standing, walking and running. Muscle is made up of the belly portion and tendon portion. Either place can be damaged either from an acute event: like a fall, sport injury or car accident; or a chronic event: like poor posture, bad exercise technique or joint pain.

Your Nerves

The nerves makes up your nervous system. Nerves carry information for everything in our bodies including bones and muscles. A balanced and optimal nervous system is one that can move appropriately between fight and flight (stress) and rest and digest. This is also known as the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Your muscle tone is determined by the information feeding the muscle from the nerves. Poor tone means your the connection between the nerves and muscles is not functioning properly. Some common reasons for this problem are: psychological burnout stress, postural fatigue, poor sleep, poor diet, lack of correct movement or exercise and others.

If you are interested in having a consultation to discuss your situation and have an assessment please make an appointment to see the chiropractor in Berkhamsted. We look forward to assisting you discover a better, healthier you again.

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