Chiropractic Treatment in Berkhamsted, Herts

Berkhamsted Chiropractor

Gary Kirwan the chiropractor in Berkhamsted at the Naturality Wellness Centre on Lower Kings Rd

Hi my name is Gary Kirwan,

I was a chiropractor based at the Naturality Chiropractic Clinic in the beautiful town of Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire, UK.

The clinic is based inside of the Naturality Wellness Centre in the heart of Berko town centre between the high street and the train station on Lower Kings road.

In fact, you can take a 360º look inside the treatment room and the building with the Google for Business StreeView camera we had come through the centre.

I enjoy helping the whole family from newborn babies and children to adults with sports injuries and others with general aches and pain typically in their neck and lower back.

My philosophy on health is to aim to keep things simple and unique to you. When it comes to being able to move more easily in your activities of daily living it is about getting three systems to work together. Those three systems are your bones (joints), muscles and nerves.

Looking at a holistic picture of health is to not forget to only look at the biomechanics but also include what out daily nutrition habits and thinking/emotional states typically are like most days. We tend to spend 99% of our time at work or doing repetitive tasks in a week. The goal for longevity and freedom to live a life with ease of movement is to optimise the 99% of your life.

This is why I read so much and experiment with new techniques, ways of thinking and latest technology to improve my health and yours. You can read more about me on this page. Before moving to the UK in 2014 I started my first clinic called in Johannesburg, South Africa with my wife back in 2005.

[Update] I started practising as a chiropractor on the Isle of Man in the seaside town of Ramsey in the North of the island.

Unfortunately, I can’t see you in Berko now, but there is another chiropractor at the Naturality centre who can assist you.

All the best,

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